Member Referral Program

Your referral is the ultimate compliment!

member-referralWe would not be where we are today without our amazing members. We hope that you are enjoying the benefits of membership at The Lifestyle Center and are sharing your positive experiences with others.

Complete our Member Referral Form and give this referral to your friends, family or co-workers to submit upon enrollment. Please use a separate form for each referral.

To thank you for your referral, once your friends and family have enrolled, you may become eligible for a referral reward! 

Referral Terms and Conditions

New member must submit referral at the time of enrollment for current referring member to receive a referral reward. Referrals will not be accepted after the enrollment process is complete.

To be eligible for a referral reward new member must enroll in a 12-month regular membership or Jump Start to Fitness Membership. Some restrictions may apply. Upgrades do not qualify for referral reward.

Referring member must be an active member in good standing with the facility at the time referral is redeemed to be eligible for a referral reward.

Referral reward will be available to referring member 7 business days after the new membership is active. Referral reward will be issued up to 90 days from date of new member enrollment. After 90 days, reward will be forfeited.

Referral reward will only be issued to one member. If more than one person has referred the same new member, the referral reward will be issued to the current member whose name is on the referral form submitted at the time of new member enrollment.

If more than $600 in referral rewards is received by member within in a calendar year you will receive a 1099 –MISC income statement from Kaweah Delta Health Care District.

Referral reward is not redeemable for cash and is non-transferrable. No returns or exchanges are allowed on referral rewards. Certain restrictions may apply. Please see a membership representative or customer service representative for more information. The Lifestyle Center reserves the right to change the member referral program at any time.


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